Описание класса Robotics от Ten Ton Hammer

Ten Ton Hammer решил помочь только знакомящимся с Global Agenda людям и опубликовал довольно подробное описание класса Robotics. Статья рассказывает о доступных классу ролях, имеющемся арсенале и приводящих

Ten Ton Hammer решил помочь только знакомящимся с Global Agenda людям и опубликовал довольно подробное описание класса Robotics. Статья рассказывает о доступных классу ролях, имеющемся арсенале и приводящих к победе приемах. Если вы любите играть на поле боя вспомогательную роль (support), то этот материал для вас

Death comes in so many flavors!
Class-based gameplay seems to be the status quo in gaming. From Command and Conquer to Call of Duty, it seems selecting a role is here to stay. Speaking of being here to stay though, our Robotics class in Global Agenda excels at doing just that. We are a defensive force that excels at taking over an area with deployable turrets and stations, and we excel at supporting an offensive with our fire-and-forget Drones. Combining those roles makes us the true support class of the game, and we"ll give you the rundown on how we earn our keep.

Описание класса Robotics от Ten Ton Hammer

The Melee Weapon

The EnergyBurn Mace is pretty fancy in that getting the jump on someone will enable you to drain 15 energy per hit to their back. Assuming they"re firing, or have just finished using their jet pack, you can basically limit their offense to pulling out their weapon and meleeing back,which you can block since you DO have energy. It"s better than the Medic"s, but worse than the Recon and Assault"s melee weapons.

The Guns

Unfortunately the name of the game for us traditionally does not involve us gunning down individuals save the rogue Recon that tries to ruin our day. We have a standard rifle with zoom-enhanced damage, a shotgun which can out-damage healers with good aim, and a bouncing area of effect projectile weapon that serves as good fire support, but renders us crippled in direct combat. Your goal when using your weapons in PvP isn"t always to kill, but to force a retreat. It can be outright annoying to kill Recons, so the sooner you send them packing, the more health your mechanical entourage will survive with, allowing you to get it up and fully repaired sooner. Most people opt for the level 4 rifle, but if you"re going for a more supportive role and want the enhanced off-hands, take a low level Shotgun so you can still scatter harassers.

The Specialty Guns

See that giant mechanical arm on your shoulder? Unfortunately you cannot use it to rip people"s heads off in melee combat as a finisher, but you can use it to power up your turrets so they perforate people up to 20% faster. While under construction, giving it a little juice from your arm-buddy will more than quadruple the build speed of the item. Don"t get complacent when doing this; you"re a sitting duck for snipers if you stand still! Juke around and do a little voodoo dance to get your turret and other deployables up ASAP. Increasing the level of your mechanical arm increases the rate it can repair, and increases the damage buff it gives to the target being repaired. Leveling this is often useful if you plan on making a little deployable farm and watching over it all game, as a level 4 turret with a level 4 arm and the appropriate skills will annihilate people for 2-300 damage a shot on the rapid fire turrets. They aren"t surviving to get behind cover!

The Jetpack

Rather small and ugly, which seems to be our theme. Leave the cosmetics for someone else I suppose!

The Off-Hands, Or Utility Items/Weapons

Choosing your turret isn"t as easy as it sounds, since you can only have one out at a time. You can sacrifice range for firing arc to cover more area in small rooms with the Personal Turret, or you can opt for big single hit damage and longer range in the Missile Turret, or choose the quick firing, no overkill AutoCannon turret. The decision largely rests on what you want to do. Area Denial strategies typically call for the Auto Cannon since it"s difficult to out range except with heavy weapons and rifles. Pinning down anyone who walks into a capture point room instantly makes the Personal Turret your turret of choice for being able to cover multiple doorways. Killing objective runners and dissuading people the fastest falls under the Missile turret"s role. When it comes to protecting your turret, the Force field stops anything coming at you or the turret, and anyone on your team can shoot or move through it with no penalty! A quick force field and turret deploy can distract and divert attackers to you, or they risk a much bigger threat when that turret begins opening fire on them.

If you opt to go for a drone-based offense, the Eye is a staple for its ability to instantly track and fire on cloaked enemies in a wide radius. Anyone being shot by your eye can be targeted by your turrets, so it makes for a wonderful companion. It will shoot at anyone non-stealth as well for additional damage over the course of a fight. Grizzlies are your anti-encampment weapons that do massive damage to anything mechanical. They also serve as decent targets due to their size, but don"t expect them to hold up for too long if you"re ducked behind them. Harrier Drones are your primary anti-personnel drone and shower people in machine gun fire. Hornets are mobile rocket launchers and have a bonus against mechanical targets, as well as an incredible range (200 ft!). Lockdown Drones will do decent damage to targets as well as slow them down greatly, making them easy targets for you or your mechanical cohorts.

Deployable Stations make up the remainder of your arsenal, and some would say the most important part. Medical Stations will heal everyone in a 20 foot pulse every second, and with appropriate skills can heal 300+ per second. Power Stations can supply nearby soldiers with infinite rockets and grenades as well as enhanced armor, making offensives brutal, or supplying you with nearly infinite ammo to lay fire down passages and scan for pesky Recons looking to sabotage your operations. Sensors update your mini-map to provide fully enemy locations in a wide radius as well as sound a warning when a stealth enemy comes nearby. This can save you, your friends, and your turrets. If that"s not all, it also provides a damage buff to everyone nearby. What"s not to like? Well, it can"t really defend itself or help you survive beyond that. We"ll take what we can get!

The Boost

The Robotics Boost creates a force field dome around you when deployed. It"s a bit of an oddity when the other classes get boosts that affect the whole team, but yours is not one to be underestimated either. The dome will not crack unless under heavy, heavy fire. Anyone inside can fire out of it just like the standard force field. This makes the Robotics boost a defensive desperation move, to save yourself or a turret under heavy fire, or an extreme offensive move when capturing a point. Creating a massive dome on the point often leads to charges and chaotic melees. The carnage is beautiful!

Is it fun?

Playing Robotics is like playing any other support class for the most part. Even if you are a tiny God on the battlefield, you need teammates who can hold their own decently as well or your mechanical partners will be dispatched with in short order. Get creative with your turret placement, be vigilant over your deployed items, and you"ll give your team the support they need for an easy victory. Just don"t run and gun without all of your tools down. If you"re Rambo at heart, the Assault class is what you should be creating instead!

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