Полный перечень нововведений и фиксов дополнения EVE online Quantum Rise

Разработчики EVE Online поделились с подписчиками полным перечнем нововведений и фиксов дополнения Quantum Rise, разместив его на сайте проекта в заметке с названием "Patch notes for Quantum Rise, released

Разработчики EVE Online поделились с подписчиками полным перечнем нововведений и фиксов дополнения Quantum Rise, разместив его на сайте проекта в заметке с названием «Patch notes for Quantum Rise, released 11 November 2008». Попутно девелоперы сообщили о времени неработоспособности игровых серверов, требуемом для установки аддона — технические работы пройдут 11-го ноября с 2:00 до 20:00 GMT. Причем, часть этого времени не будут доступны и игровые форумы.

Patch notes for Quantum Rise, released 11 November 2008

Vastly outperforming previous network technology, StacklessIO brings reduced latency and faster response to EVE Online. With StacklessIO, the groundwork has been laid for pushing the limits of today’s server technology to new heights. For the past two years we have been developing this new technology to increase the performance of our network communication infrastructure in EVE. This new network layer reduces network latency and improves performance in high-volume situations, e.g., in fleet-fights and market hubs such as Jita. More information can be found in CCP Explorer’s blog on StacklessIO
We’ve migrated all of our key servers to 64-bit software, allowing the scale of player battles to surpass the previous limit of a few hundred on each side and improving performance in extremely high traffic regions of space. Full details of EVE 64 can be seen in EVE64 Dev Blog by CCP Explorer.


Outer Ring excavations (ORE) and Deep Core Mining (DCM) have completed a joint venture by creating The Orca. This new empire-capable vessel is designed as a «sub capital» logistical ship with a mining command focus, ideal for the day to day needs of corporations or individuals. Filling a void between regular and capital ships, the Orca is a more affordable option for pilots who can’t yet fly capitals. These boats are able to use stargates but do not have jump drives. CCP Chronotis provides full details in the Orca Dev Blog.

Role Bonus:
250% bonus to range of tractor beams (70km)
100% bonus to tractor beam velocity (1km sec)
500% bonus to survey scanner range (~125km)

Industrial Command Ships Bonus:
3% bonus to effectiveness of mining foreman gang links per level and 5% bonus to cargo capacity per level
Slots: 3/3/2
Turret hard points: 0
Launcher slots: 0
Fitting: 430cpu, 960pg
Drones: 50m3/25 Mbit/sec bandwidth

Need For Speed
Weapon Grouping is a new system that allows you to group your ship’s guns/launchers together into one entity. Group creation will be done through a single right-click menu and activation will be toggled by a shortcut or button. The benefits are that you can fire all guns and missiles in one salvo and change ammo types across all turrets and launchers much more easily. This new feature also reduces the number of database calls required for firing weapons separately, allowing the server to operate more fluidly. Module recharge timers allow players to gauge how long before the next activation. The movable HUD gives players even more control over their UI layout. Full details on Weapon Linking can be found at Weapon Grouping by CCP Ytterbium.
Speed rebalance has been introduced, affecting a great many different ships and modules. Maximum top speed has been reduced across the board along with changes to how micro warp drives operate. Stasis webifiers, rigs, overdrives, implants, web drones and gang bonuses have all been changed. Full details of what has been changed will be listed in the appropriate section and a full listing of the Speed Rebalanced Dev Blog by CCP Nozh is available.

Player Owned Structures, Stations & Outposts
A new Large Ship Assembly Array has been added which can be anchored in high security space. This new assembly array can manufacture battleships, freighters and industrial command ships. It has 3 slots with a 0.75 time multiplier and a 1.0 material multiplier.

Character Creation and New Player Experience
Earn official recognition for accomplishing certain levels of skill training in all areas from trading to combat. Certificates are a powerful tool to reinforce your bragging rights and bargaining power. The certificate system will be an invaluable asset to new players who wish to plan a new skill. Full details can be seen in the Certificates blog from CCP Greyscale.

Science & Industry
Moon minerals have gone through some changes in regards to production. Moon mining will remain unchanged and will process as normal; however, players can now create some of the rarer moon minerals like dysprosium and promethium through reactions. We have created six new reactions which allow you to create key intermediate materials without relying on the rarest moon minerals. This isn’t, of course, an efficient process and each rare mineral has been assigned a more common counterpart, which can be used in the place of the rare mineral in these new reactions at a ratio of 20:1. This roughly approximates the difference in moon count between the rare mineral and the common mineral in each case. The four pairings are cadmium/dysprosium, vanadium/thulium, chromium/promethium and platinum/neodymium. The final output of each of the reactions will be ten units per cycle, and the common mineral always replaces the mineral at a 20:1 ratio. More details can be found in the Alchemy Dev Blog from CCP Greyscale.

Markets & Contracts
The market has had a bit of a makeover. Extra filters have been added and the price history screen has been adjusted.

Corporation & Alliance
Player corporations will be able to create and award medals to their members.
Any member with the personnel manager, director or CEO role can create a medal in the corp interface > members > decorations section. When creating a medal you define the look of the medal, give it a title and description. Creating a medal costs 5 million ISK paid from the corp wallet.
A personnel manager, director or CEO can then award a medal they have created to their corp members either by context selecting the corp member in the chat channel or using the memberlists and multi selecting many members. The cost of awarding a medal is 5million ISK per award to each member. The same medal can be awarded multiple times to the same member.
When you are awarded a medal, you will receive an evemail notification detailing why you were awarded the medal. You can then check the decorations tab in your character sheet to see a list of medals you have been awarded. From here you can opt to display a medal publically or trash it or set it back to private. Your other corporation members can see an overview of the corporations medals within the corp interface> members > decorations tab which displays various information for each medal including its recipients.
Medals can be set public after you have been awarded them through your character sheet in the decorations > settings tab. Medals may take up to an hour to show to other players around the universe.

Graphics General
Stargates have received a makeover and will now display gorgeous new graphics. Each faction has had their stargates optimised and the effects are stunning.

User Interface
There is a new color scheme preset option called «Nero». This is the default color scheme in Quantum Rise.
A new option has been added to the UI under ESC> General settings tab> Window snap distance called «Don’t Snap» which will allow players to disable windows snapping altogether.

10 new tracks have been added to the jukebox to enhance your listening pleasure.


Changes have been made to all Frigates, Interceptors, Stealth Bombers, Destroyers, Cruisers, Battlecruisers and Battleships regarding base speed and micro warp drive speed. Rookie, Industrial, Capital and shuttle class ships remain unaffected.
All interceptors now have a new role bonus. Interceptor Skill Bonus: 15% reduction in micro warp drive signature radius penalty per level.
The Kronos and Paladin have had their webifiers bonus increased from 2% to 10% per skill level.
The Crane, Prorator, Prowler and Viator can now equip a covert ops cloak and can therefore warp whilst cloaked now. In addition these four ships can gain a 5% bonus per transports skill level to the CPU need of fitting a covert ops cloak.
The Crane, Prorator, Prowler and Viator can now use a black ops jump portal.
The Crane, Prorator, Prowler and Viator have had their +2warp strength bonus removed.
The bonus to the shield booster amount for the Crane has been reduced to 5%.
The armor repair duration bonus has been removed from the Prorator.
The shield booster cap need bonus has been removed from the Prowler.
The armor repairer cap need bonus has been removed from the Viator.
The Bustard, Impel, Mastodon and Occator all gain a +2 warp strength bonus. In addition, the Bustard and Mastodon have gained a +5% bonus to shield hitpoints per Transport Ships skill level and the Impel and Occator have gained a +5% bonus to armor hitpoints per Transport Ships level.
The Bustard has had its shield boost bonus reduced to 5% per level.
The Impel has had its armor repairer duration bonus removed.
The Mastodon has had its shield booster capacitor need bonus removed.
The Occator has had its armor repairer capacitor need and duration bonus removed and an armor repairer amount bonus added.
The corporate hangar bay of the Rorqual has been increased to 30,000 m3.
The Procurer has had its agility slightly increased.
The Skiff has had its agility slightly increased.
The Mackinaw has had its CPU increased by 10 and the cargo capacity increased by 1000m3.
The Nighthawk has had the explosion radius bonus changed to +5% heavy missile explosion velocity per level.
The Flycatcher has had the explosion radius bonus changed to 3% reduction of Light Missile damage reduction factor per level.
The Heretic now has an explosion velocity bonus changed to +5% per level.
The Golem now has an explosion velocity bonus changed to +5% per level.
A situation existed where your active ship could, incorrectly, be stored in a Carrier ship maintenance bay while docked at a station. This has been fixed and it is no longer possible to store your active ship in a Carrier while docked at a station.
Carrier pilots now have full access to the carrier corp hangars even if corporation roles for corp hangars are different.
Jaguar bonuses have been clarified, and resistance bonuses have been removed.
All Harpies and Hawks have been recalled for urgent paint jobs. They will now show their respective mega-corporations’ colors.
Both jump freighters and regular freighters may now loot from jump freighter wrecks.
Carriers and Motherships will no longer keep additional targets locked when triage mode expires. The ship will revert to the maximum number of locked targets as allowed by the player’s skills.

Nanofiber Internal Structures of all types no longer give a mass reduction and will instead have a velocity modifier and inertia multiplier.
All overdrives have been reduced in effectiveness by 37.5%. Faction variants (Republic Fleet and Domination) will have a maximum 12.5% velocity modifier but cargo capacity drawback will only be 5%.
The micro warp drive is now vulnerable to warp scramblers (the 7.5km version). If you get scrambled your MWD will immediately end its cycle. You won’t be able to activate it until you’re out of warp scramble range, and the reactivation timer has expired. In addition, all MWD’s now give you a 500% speed boost, regardless of meta level.
The capacitor penalty associated with micro warp drives will now be based on meta level. A standard Tech I MWD will have a capacitor penalty of 25% when equipped while the meta 14 MWD will have a 0% penalty to capacitor status. Signature radius bonus will also be applied in this manner. A standard Tech I MWD will have a signature radius penalty of 500% while the meta 14 variation will be 411%.
Changes have been made to all variations of afterburners. A standard Tech I afterburner will now have a speed boost of 112.5% while a meta 14 variant will have a 162% speed boost. Adjustments have been made to the cap requirement for meta 11 and above. There are clear advantages and drawbacks to the two types of modules within the same meta level. Some afterburners will have a smaller cap and power grid need while others will have more speed bonus and less CPU need.
The following afterburners have all increased in meta level by a factor of +1: Gallente Navy 1/10/100MN Afterburner, Shadow Serpentis 1/10/100MN Afterburner, Monopropellant I Hydrazine Boosters, Cold-Gas I Arcjet Thrusters. The LiF Fueled I Booster Rockets will be reduced in meta level by a factor of -1.
Stasis webifiers now have a maximum effective speed reduction of -60%. This changed from the maximum effective speed reduction of -90%. In order to compensate, all standard webifiers and faction variants will have either better range and CPU fitting requirements, better range and speed factor, or better speed factor and CPU fitting requirements. Officer variants will now have up to 20km range (reduced from 40km) and a speed reduction factor between 55-60%. Capacitor use, power grid and CPU fitting requirements have been tweaked depending on meta level.
Warp scramblers have been changed and, along with the current ability of +2 warp scrambling strength, will now incapacitate an active micro warp drive. The Dark Blood and True Sansha warp scrambler have been promoted to meta level eight and the four variants within meta levels seven through nine will allow for either better range and CPU fitting, better range and strength, better strength and CPU fitting or much better CPU fitting.
Officer warp scramblers will now have a maximum range of up to 15 km. Capacitor use, power grid and CPU fitting requirements have been tweaked depending on meta level.
The radius of the large mobile warp disruptors have been reduced by about 26%. This will range from the smallest (Mobile Small Warp Disruptor I) of 5000m radius up to the largest (Syndicate Mobile Large Warp Disruptor) of 33,500m. In addition, the total hit points of the Syndicate Mobile Large Warp Disruptor have been increased by 50%.
Skirmish Warfare skill will be changed to give a 2% per level gang bonus to agility.
Skirmish Warfare Mindlink will also be changed to give a 15% gang bonus to agility, in addition to the 50% bonus to the command bonus of Skirmish Warfare Link modules. The agility gang bonus overrides effect of the Skirmish Warfare skill gang bonus, just like for the other «passive» mindlink bonuses.
Skirmish Warfare Link will be changed to give a 2% command bonus, resulting in a maximum 25.875% boost.
Energy Nosferatu and Neutralizers have had their blueprint job times reduced to be in line with other modules.
The Protest´ Large Armor Repairer I blueprint and module will now appear under the search options in the Contracts menu.
The Remote Sensor Booster II has had its skill requirements changed to Sensor Linking 4 to bring it in line with other T2 modules.
«AURA» warp core stabilizers have been enhanced and their CPU requirements reduced to 22.
T1 and T2 Mercoxit Mining Crystal BPO’s have had their required number of Nocxium for building modified. In addition, Tech II Mercoxit mining crystals can now be reprocessed.
A signature radius of 25m has been added to Mining Drone I, Mining Drone II, Civilian Mining Drone and Harvester Mining Drone. This will now prevent 100% scan success on mining drones with any type of probe.
Descriptions for warfare link modules have been changed. It now says: «Note: The Gang bonus only works if you are the assigned fleet booster.»
«Passive Defence Armored Warfare Link» does not cause aggression and it is possible to dock and jump after having it activated.
Several warp scramblers have been renamed to better specify their functionality:
Faint Epsilon Warp Prohibitor I -> Faint Epsilon Warp Scrambler
Initiated Harmonic Warp Jammer I -> Initiated Harmonic Warp Scrambler
J5b Phased Prototype Warp Inhibitor I -> J5b Phased Prototype Warp Scrambler I
Several warp disruptors have been renamed to better specify their functionality:
J5 Prototype Warp Inhibitor I -> J5 Prototype Warp Disruptor I
Fleeting Warp Scrambler I -> Fleeting Warp Disruptor
Faint Warp Prohibitor I -> Faint Warp Disruptor
Initiated Warp Jammer I -> Initiated Warp Disruptor

Polycarbon Engine Housing I and II no longer give a mass reduction and will instead have a velocity modifier and inertia multiplier.
Locus Coordinator rigs are now subject to stacking penalties.

Weapons & Ammunition
All missile types have been balanced to ensure that oversized missiles do not have too much of an effect on smaller ships. As before, ships are still protected from larger missiles by their signature radius. When going sufficiently fast, the damage taken from missiles is reduced by the signature radius to speed ratio, rather than just speed. Going faster or reducing the signature radius will reduce missile damage further. For a ship with the same signature radius as the missile’s explosion radius, the missile’s explosion velocity indicates the speed at which the missile damage starts to get reduced. The new formula allows for speed tanking using afterburners. In fact, afterburners will in general be more effective than micro warp drive for speed tanking missiles.
Light, heavy and cruise precision missiles will now do more damage to smaller targets and will have a penalty of -50% range.
Rocket, assault missile and torpedo javelin missiles will now do -10% less damage but range has been increased by 50%.
Rage rocket, assault missiles and torpedoes and Fury light, heavy and cruise missiles will do less damage to their own ship class but will do more damage to a larger ship class. They will also have a -10% range reduction.
The cost of producing all types of bombs has been reduced by 50%. This change will affect the Concussion, Electron. Lockbreaker, Scorch, Schrapnel and Void bombs.
Doomsday devices and smartbombs will no longer penetrate the shield of a starbase, even if you have permission to access the POS shields.

In order to bring the Berserker SW-900 drones in line with the changed webifiers, their speed factor is changed from -30% to -20%. Since the web effect is affected by a stacking penalty, 5x -30% web drones gives an overall reduction of 45.9%.
All medium drones have been changed as they were too effective against small targets. The optimal signature radius has been increased to 125m and increased tracking by a factor of 1.2x giving a change of -42.4% against smaller targets.
Particle Accelerator Units were being requested as building components for Infiltrator, Vespa, Hammerhead and Valkyrie Tech II drones. These have been changed to the correct construction component required by race. Therefore Infiltrator drones will use Laser Focusing Crystals, Vespa drones will use Superconductor Rails and Valkyrie drones will use Thermonuclear Trigger Units for Tech II production. Hammerhead drones will still require Particle Accelerator Units for construction.
Tech II Praetor drones now require two Laser Focusing Crystals for production to bring them in line with other Tech II heavy drone variants.

The description of the «Electronic Warfare» skill has been modified to clarify that it does not affect capital class modules.
The Chief Financial Officer skill book has been removed from the market.

Player Owned Structures, Stations and Outposts
You will now automatically relinquish control of starbase guns or system scanners whenever you disconnect from the client.
Ship assembly arrays of all sizes at starbases have had their descriptions changed to reflect new ship classes that they are able to produce. The Advanced Large Ship Assembly Array can now produce Black Ops, Marauders and Jump Freighters. The Advanced Medium Ship Assembly Array can produce Heavy Interdictors and the Advanced Small Ship Assembly Array can produce Electronic Attack Frigates.
The large ship assembly array has been renamed to X-Large Ship Assembly Array.
The Efficient Equipment Assembly Array has been renamed to the Equipment Assembly Array and the number of manufacturing slots has been increased to six. The time multiplier has also been changed to 0.75.
Advanced capital construction components have been added to the component assembly array. Component assembly arrays will now be able to manufacture these items.
The jump bridge fuel bay has been changed to allow only the correct fuel, liquid ozone, to be loaded.
Right clicking your mouse on the system scanning array in the scanner window will no longer give you the option to «Destroy Probe». The only action that can be performed will be «Relinquish Control».
POS gunners will now be able to target and destroy hostile drones in high security space.
The capital ship assembly array, cynosural system jammer and system scanning array were incorrectly displaying a mass of 100 kg. After a diet consisting of steak, pizza and Oveur’s beer supply, they now display the correct mass of 10000000 kg.
Bookmarks will now display correctly in the corporate hangar array. This will allow them to be removed and allow the unanchoring of this module.

Boosters & Implants
Snake implants have been changed. High grade will be changed in effectiveness from 53.63% to 24.73% speed bonus. Low grade will be changed from 33.83% to 16.02% speed bonus.
The following implants have been moved to slot 6:
Shaqil’s speed enhancer
Hardwiring — Eifyr and Co. ‘Rogue’ CY-0
Hardwiring — Eifyr and Co. ‘Rogue’ CY-1
Hardwiring — Eifyr and Co. ‘Rogue’ CY-2
Hardwiring — Eifyr and Co. ‘Rogue’ MY-0
Hardwiring — Eifyr and Co. ‘Rogue’ MY-1
Hardwiring — Eifyr and Co. ‘Rogue’ MY-2
The following implants have been moved to slot 7:
Hardwiring — Eifyr and Co. ‘Rogue’ AY-0
Hardwiring — Eifyr and Co. ‘Rogue’ AY-1
Hardwiring — Eifyr and Co. ‘Rogue’ AY-2
All variations of X-Instinct booster will no longer provide a velocity bonus and will instead give a bonus for reduced signature radius. The new description will read: «This energizing booster grants its user a vastly improved economy of effort when parsing the data streams needed to sustain space flight. The main benefit of this lies not in improved performance but less waste of transmission and extraneous micro maneuvers, making the pilot’s ship sleeker in performance and harder to detect. The booster’s only major drawback is the crazed notion that the pilot’s inventory would be look so much better if merely rearranged ONE MORE TIME.”

Character Creation & New Player Experience
The text on page 3 of the tutorial named «Character sheet advanced information» has been modified to say “plug in” rather than “Insert” for implants.
New Minmatar players will now receive the same standing bonuses as their Caldari counterparts when completing courier missions designed for new players.
The tutorial buttons have been made uniform for when the player wishes to continue. «Press next» and «Press back» are the two options.

Agents &Missions
Important multi-part storyline missions have had their expiry timers increased to one month to allow for completion.
The Gallente COSMOS mission, Revenge is Sweet, will now provide a clear description to guide players to the next appropriate COSMOS agent in sequence.
The message displayed in the mission «The Blockade» about the stasis tower being controlled by the pirates is shown only once and is not shown again when warping in and out of the mission location.
The level 3 mission “What Comes Around Goes Around” has had the frigate NPC’s changed to Cruisers.
The repair outpost in the level 3 mission “Break their Will” has had its hitpoints increased significantly.
The acceleration gate in the level 4 missions “The Mordus Headhunters”, “Silence the Informant” and “Smuggler Interception” has been moved. Travel distance to the second areas is now reduced.
The NPC’s in the Level 4 mission “Smuggler interception” have been reduced but are now stronger.
The level 3 mission “New Frontiers (5 of 7)” will now have reduced neutralizing, DPS and Electronic Warfare.
The agent Yuata Ishodaki, who was located at Notoras II — Lai Dai Protection Service Assembly Plant, has been moved and is now located in the station Sarenemi V — Home Guard Assembly Plant. Lai Dai didn’t want that Agent anyway.
Agent mission bonus rewards above 100,000 ISK will now be subject to corporation taxes. For example, if your player corporation has a 10% tax rate then 10% of your mission bonus reward will now be added to the corporation wallet.
The silo in the storyline mission «Shipyard Theft» will now drop a loot container.
Battleships can now squeeze through the acceleration gates in the missions «My Sweet Privateer» and “Transport Duty”.
There have been modifications to the names of structures in the «Lights Out» series of missions.
The mission description for Undue Attention (1 of 3) has been made clearer.
The trigger message in the level four storyline mission «Extract the Renegade» has been modified.
The mission «Cleaning House» has had its description modified to clarify objectives.

Exploration & Deadspace
The spawn points in the exploration site, Pirate Hideout, have been adjusted so that NPC’s no longer spawn so far away from a player’s ship.
The Old Battlefield in Tama has mysteriously disappeared. The mission was disabled some time ago and the deadspace area has now been removed.

Science & Industry
The client will no longer close when trying to install a public job in space. A warning message will appear stating that the required materials must be in the station.
Manufacturing lines have been added to the Federal Navy Academy station in Synchelle.
You can now install a remote job from inside of a Rorqual. Input/output is either personal hangar or corp hangar division. No exception is thrown.

Market & Contracts
The «N-1 Neon Type Rocket Bay» module and blueprint have been added to the market.
Skills now get filtered off the market if the check box is ticked and skills are learned.

Corporation & Alliance
Blueprints can now be unlocked if a vote times out with zero votes. This fix is the result of blueprints getting locked down when the vote is proposed but time elapses with no votes. The same mechanic is now used to unlock blueprints.
The «Access Denied» pop up message that would display when an Accountant or Junior Accountant would access the corporation wallet without take rights has been removed.
Corporations that applied to expired alliances will now display the correct membership history; the expired alliance will not appear on it.
Non-Immediate sanctionable actions (i.e. creating shares or war declarations) will no longer return to «Not In Effect» status after being applied.

User Interface
Unchecking the «Pilot has neutral standing» option will now only remove neutral pilots. CONCORD, Customs Police, stargates, billboards, sentry guns and secure containers will now show up on the overview.
The overview and brackets system has been overhauled. There is no longer a system specified default tab; you can now change the name of any tab from the tab itself or from overview settings. When all named tabs are deleted, the system generates the «default» tab again..
Overview and Brackets Settings have now been changed to Overview and Brackets Profiles respectively.
All Overview tabs can now be deleted, even the formerly hidden default one.
The minimum size of the corporation window has been increased. Corporation: Members >Find Member in Role will now display the listing properly as a result.
Opening the star map from the «show route» option by right clicking the available contract now minimizes the station information bar.
Players will no longer be able to see the ranks of retired members of a militia.
Double-clicking on the open votes tab has been disabled. The group now only expands and doesn’t open a new window.
Windows will now retain their correct size and properties when they are unstacked.
The zoom feature on the mapbrowser (F11) has been removed as it did not function as intended.
The “view market details” option has been returned when creating a link to an item’s «show info» in a chat channel in the right click menu options.
There is now a «Fetching Data” progress bar when opening the «Color stars by» tab in the World Map. This bar will prevent UI errors in the map if a player clicks on another tab.
The fitting windows in station services will now only close when you actually undock. If you abort the undocking, the window will remain open. When you dock, the fitting window will remain open.

EVE Voice, Mail & Chat
The chat options have been combined with audio options under a tab called “Audio and Chat” when accessing the “ESC” menu.
A new chat channel has been created in Albanian. This channel is available by accessing «Open channels» -> «languages»

Mac and Linux
Updating clients from Cider on the Mac will no longer erase personal overview settings, market quick lists, folders, bookmarks or notes.
The auto-patcher in Cider for the Mac client will now start the patch install correctly when clicking the «OK» button to start the patch process.

Localized Clients
The wording of the market price history window has been changed slightly in the German client.
The «Show route to» message has been localized for the German client.

Players will now receive a warning when taking more than one item from another player’s wreck.
Containers can now be opened in active and inactive ships, corp hangars and item windows when docked in your current station. You can do so either by right-clicking or double-clicking on the container.
The process of searching for ranks in Faction Warfare has been optimised.
The client launch button has been removed as an option following a patch to enable those with unsupported switches to maintain their cache and settings.
We have modified our statistic gathering, especially concerning players suffering disconnections/crashes from the server.


The error message «The ship you are piloting is too damaged to be handled in space. You do not have the skill to manage it in its current state.» will no longer be displayed when attempting to undock when your ship has zero armor and you have changed a module. From today, armor will only prevent undocking if damage exceeds armor hitpoints, whereas structure will prevent undocking if damage exceeds OR equals structure hitpoints.
A typographical error in the attribute of all Titan class ships has been fixed.
A typographical error has been fixed in the description of the Amarr Magnate frigate.
The Skiffs description has been corrected to state the existing +2 warp strength bonus correctly.
Ships fitted with Expanded Cargohold’s will now show the correct cargo capacity.
The Dramiel and Daredevil now have their correct sensor type — LADAR and Magnetometric respectively.

The Automated Targeting System module will now correctly target the correct number of ships and will ignore targeting structures.
The description of the Warp Disruption Field Generator has been changed. The following text has been added to the description: «The generator has several effects upon the parent ship whilst active. It increases its signature radius and agility whilst penalizing the velocity bonus of any afterburner or microwarpdrive modules. It also prevents any friendly remote effects from being rendered to the parent ship.»
The correct error message will be displayed when attempting to repair damaged modules with insufficient nanite repair paste in your cargo.
Modules will now take damage from overheating until they reach 100%. This will then cause them to switch off.
Overloading and activating a module does not get the module stuck. The module may now be deactivated. The overheating can be switched off too.
The fitting window will now correctly display the max targeting range penalty on warp core stabilizers when the mouse hovers over the module in the fitting screen.

Combat drones will now attack faction navy ships when a player is aggressed by a navy ship. Previously drones would remain idle when a player was under fire.
The Drones window now stays in place during docking, jumping or relogging.

Weapons & Ammunition
Turrets will only do damage when within the maximum allowed optimal and falloff range.
Fixed the armor uniformity on bombs to allow them to take maximum damage before being destroyed.
Damage caused to R.A.M. Ammunition Tech has been made consistent with all javelin torpedo and rocket types. Javelin torpedoes will have 12.5% damage per run while rockets will have a 5% damage per run.
A grammatical error has been corrected in the description of Scorch S, Scorch M and Scorch L crystals.
A typographical error in the Wrath Fury Cruise Missile description has been fixed.

«Reduces heat damage by 5% per level» has been added to the description of ‘Thermodynamics’.
The description of the skill «Nanite Interfacing» has been changed to better describe what it does.

Player Owned Structures, Stations & Outposts
Starbases will now calculate the correct fuel consumption in Sovereignty controlled systems and deliver mails regarding fuel at the right time.
Shield hardening arrays will now display and give the correct resistance bonuses to a starbase control tower at all times when online and active.
Starbase structures are now updated very soon after being placed online. A message has been added advising players that newly deployed structures, such as mobile laboratories and assembly arrays, can take up to 5 minutes before they appear in the Science and Industry installation tab.
Starbase attack EVE mails will now display the attacker Corporation and Alliance at all times.
The docking radius of the Minmatar Research station has been adjusted to prevent ships being forced out of docking range immediately when undocking.
Starbase control towers will properly update the output links list when links are added, removed or modified with regards to the reactor array. Reactions will no longer take place if the reactor arrays are not connected to a silo or if the silo is full meaning that no materials are unnecessarily consumed in future.
The refining array and intensive refining array will now allow you to use the «Run Refining Process» up to 3000 meters from the control tower.
The Amarr station in SH1-6P has been fixed and can now produce capital industrial ships as intended.
The attribute «posstructurecontroldistancemax» has been renamed to «Maximum Control Distance» on starbase control towers.
The DED have employed a couple of editors and mails regarding starbases will now be grammatically correct.
Reactions can be dragged in and out of reactors (production tab and storage access) without causing an exception to be thrown.

Boosters & Implants
The attribute description for Mindflood boosters has been changed to correctly identify the benefits and penalties associated with using this type of booster.
A typographical error has been fixed in the description of «Hardwiring — Inherent Implants ‘Lancer’ G2-Gamma».
A grammatical error in the description of the Zainou ´Deadeye´ZGL100 has been corrected.

Character Creation & New Player Experience
The arrows next to the tutorials on the welcome pages now open the respective tutorials.
Skill points displayed pre- and post-character creation will now display correctly.
Destroying the hotel in “Cash flow for Capsuleers (8 of 10)” will no longer make the mission impossible to complete.
The correct faction has been set for the Caldari mission «Cash Flow for Capsuleers (1 of 10)»
A grammatical error has been fixed in the mission description of “Cash Flow for Capsuleers (2 of 10)”

Agents & Missions
All gang members will now receive the same agent and corporation standing increases from missions.
An exception is no longer thrown when right clicking after selecting all agents in the all agent folder under the agents tab.
Completing the mission «Athran Exigency (1 of 5) will no longer cause an incorrect standing loss to the Khanid Kingdom.
The mission «In the Midst of Deadspace» will no longer send players to different systems in parts 1, 3, 4 and 5. The deadspace encounters will remain in the same system.
Spawn containers that appear when an object or structure is destroyed in a mission will no longer be empty. All spawned containers will contain items.
A New Venture (3 of 5) – Healthy Competition» now drops the correct mission items.
The “Mannar Mining Colony” mission can now be completed as intended.
The mission “Augumene Allergen (5 of 5)” can now be completed.
A grammatical error in the description of the LCO Radio Telescope has been fixed in the level 3 mission «The Score”.
Several grammatical errors have been corrected in the mission “Minmatar Plot (3 of 3)”
Multiple typographical errors have been fixed in the completion text of the mission «The Slaves must be returned».
A typographical error has been fixed in the mission «A New Venture — Final Negotiations (5 of 5)».
The mission «Foreign Investment» will now give the correct standings boost to the Caldari State.
Faction standing changes have been corrected in the Gallente mission «Exploited Sensitivities».
The mission «Suntendi Recall (2 of 5)” now features the correct agent conversation options.
Agent Thanan Derif is able to give out the mission “Informed Attack (4 of 5)” once again.
Omber has been removed from the level one mission «Fair Play (2 of 5)».
Players can now equip and use a Micro Warp Drive in the mission «Air Show — Requesting a Flyby (5 of 5)».
The correct amount of Scordite necessary to complete the mission «Data Mining» has been clarified.
The PD Security Enforcer NPCs in the COSMOS complex «Pend Insurance Storage Bin» are now piloting the correct ships.
The battleship General ‘Buck’ Turgidson will no longer disappear from the mission «War Situation 2 of 2»
A gate in the «Mysterious Sightings (3 of 4)» mission has been relabeled.
In the mission «Rogue Drone Harassment» the Kayzum Mother Drone will now leave the correct sized wreck.
The image in the mission details window will no longer disappear when scrolling down to read the full mission details.

Exploration & Deadspace
The «Blood Raider Powergrid» escalation path has had its text description modified to the correct description.
Journal entries now update automatically when the journal is opened during expeditions.

Science & Industry
Installing corporation jobs such as manufacturing or material research through the installations tab has been fixed. The drop down for input/output option s now works correctly.
Interfaces will no longer show the incorrect damage taken when used for invention.
No exceptions will be thrown when choosing the clear history option when right clicking on installations or blueprints.
The info window will now become active and visible when it is opened from the Science & Industry window.
The Science & Industry window will now remain collapsed during docking or undocking.
Installing a «public» job in space will now work properly.
The accept quote window in Science & Industry is now working properly and is displayed correctly too.
Items will be delivered to the corporation hangar as intended when a Science & Industry job is installed by a Rorqual pilot.

Market & Contracts
Contracts created to a Corporation will now display correctly when searching under «Issued To/By», «», «Outstanding» and «All»
The market distance when placing buy and sell orders will now display correctly when using the «Avoid Systems» option. Remote buying in unreachable systems is possible but setting up remote orders is not possible in unreachable systems.
Rogue drone components were missing a description in their market group. This has now been added.
The market group name of ‘Tracking Disrupter’ has been correctly changed to «Tracking Disruptor»
Browsing through the market will no longer cause a memory leak.
The refresh button on the market UI will no longer cause other sub-windows and list boxes within the market window to resize. This was only affecting players who had automatic market refresh turned off.
Minimum and maximum prices on courier contracts are now working as normal.

Corporation & Alliance
The «Save» and «Cancel» buttons are now properly positioned in the task management list when using «Find member in a Role» in the corporation window.
The Alliance revival table now works correctly and will restore the original Alliance name and ticker when necessary. This is a GM tool only.
Corporation advertisements now correctly displays the column title «Logo» as well as any logo that is attached.
You can now attempt to rent an office again if your first effort failed due to insufficient funds.
The «Join Corporation» tab will now display the correct corporation taxation level when a player is submitting an application.
Killing members of your own player corporation when enrolled in Factional Warfare will no longer count as kill statistics for your chosen militia.

Graphics General
Tabbing out of the log in while logging in a second client will no longer throw any exceptions or cause a client to crash and the process will complete as normal.

Graphics Premium
The communications tower in the mission «Demolition» has had a missing light added.
When using “Look at” on an exploding ship or structure, the camera will no longer reset back to your ship until the explosion is complete.

User Interface
The EVE client will no longer crash or throw exceptions when adding a waypoint after avoiding some solar systems.
The aggression timer will now display correctly after docking and undocking and players will now see the correct aggression countdown at all times.
EWAR icons will now disappear from the overview when a player has deactivated an EWAR module.
The targeting lock sound will now only be heard at the correct time, once you have targeted something.
Align Left/Right option is now available in right context menu of solar system map browser.
The station information window will remain minimized when exiting the map.
Local channel will now update the correct number of players in a system whether the channel is minimized or not.
Station services window does not disappear when ships and items (open and stacked with a third window) are merged into the station panel.
Colortags which identify players in your corporation or alliance, players who are marked as having good standing, bad standing or war targets will now display their colortag correctly in chat channels, character page, overview, EVE mail and address book.
A typographical error has been corrected in the corporation wallet.
A grammatical error has been fixed in the self-destruct message.
The target box will no longer disappear on locked asteroids when the «Show Targeting Crosshairs» option is unchecked in the general settings.
Changing between tabs no longer has any effect on crosshairs. Crosshairs stay in space even if a new tab doesn’t have the type visible.
Undocking with an open map will no longer replace map mouse controls with in-space mouse controls.
Stations will now show up when using the scanner.
The «Simple View» option in the Contracts page will no longer truncate the names of items listed on contract when the contract column is resized.
Market details will no longer fail to update when scrolling the market quickbar past the bottom of the list using the keyboard. Additionally, if selected items were changed too fast the details would completely stop updating and the market window had to be re-opened to get it working again. This no longer happens and the market window will work properly.
Group windows under people and places for buddies, agents or places will now update immediately when a change takes place.
Increased the space between the left edge of the market window and the left y-axis of the chart to prevent text from leaking out of the window.
Resizing the world map control panel will no longer cause tabs to overlap.
The «Help» window will no longer resize when attached to other windows. This window size is set at a defined size and will no longer change.
The «Deliveries» window will remain open after relogging the client. Previously this window became inaccessible after reconnecting to the client if the window was left open.
The Science and Industry window will no longer become corrupted when trying to install a job directly after a clone jump when a player has not boarded a ship.
A visual bug concerning the loading of charges in the fitting screen has been fixed. The maximum capacity will now display correctly and will no longer appear as if the gun or launcher has more charges equipped than it can handle.
An exception error will no longer be displayed when right clicking all assets or all corporation assets in the assets window when everything is selected.
Using CTRL + A upon opening a wreck will now select everything inside the wreck as intended.
The names of the buttons on the map that position waypoints have been made uniform.
All transactions are showing correctly again in the wallet journal page.
Selecting the EWAR tab in overview settings no longer causes exceptions the first time it is used after log-in.
Scrolling through corporation recruitment adverts has been made quicker and easier.
The wallet transactions and journal are now always in sync. Selling multiple items in quick succession will now display properly.
If a window is partially off-screen, it will stay there if a new window is opened.
Opening multiple standings windows when browsing Corporation> Politics> Standings > Liked By will not cause a mixture of the standings to be displayed.
The exception has been removed after double clicking the «Materials» or «Skills» tab when viewing a blueprint. Windows now open with accurate content.
The «Avoid systems where pod killing has recently occurred» option on the map now works correctly.
Bookmarks are now working correctly. No duplicates will be made by accident and copies lead to the right location.
A typographical error has been fixed in the Corporation Wallet> Bill Types.
The buttons for the Star Map (accessed via F10) are now displayed irrespective of the stack status of the selected items window.
The F11 map will always appear at the absolute edge of the client — both the left and right sides.
When the mission details window is a tab within another window, all content now displays correctly. Also, if you have the mission details window minimized when you complete the mission site, when the mission details window pops up its content will be correctly displayed.
Selecting all in Contracts> My Contracts tab> Contract type has been modified and there will be no problems expanding the view now.
The ‘Pick new Item’ button in Repair Facilities window in station services now aligns correctly.
The help button will no longer disappear from the world control map window if it is merged with another window, i.e. People and places, and that window is closed. The help will now remain in this case.
The «Compare» option when using show info on a ship or module will now remain in place and work correctly.
The calculator has had its window resized and will now display correctly.
Combat logs and the logs window can no longer be stacked. This stacking was causing logs to display incorrectly. Adding a combat log to the logs window will now work as intended.
Attempting to repackage trashed items from the assets list will no longer cause a logserver exception.
It is now possible to tab between username and password after entering an incorrect password or username at the log in screen

EVE Voice, Mail & Chat
Resizing chat windows will no longer cause exceptions.
A grammatical error has been corrected in the «channel access control channel».
Text color will not revert to white if you click cancel on the generate link window. Biographies and notes can have color again.
Chat channels that no longer exist will not cause logfile errors.
Channels with zero members should no longer cause errors.

CONCORD and Kill Mails
Kill logs will now show the correct number of secure containers that are dropped from a ship. Dropped and destroyed items will be listed correctly.

Mac and Linux
Cedega will now check that there is sufficient disk space for the .dat file before proceeding with a download. A message will pop up to confirm if there is insufficient space.
After terminating a previous install attempt, Cedega will no longer continue an install if an incomplete .dat file exists.
Station textures have been fixed for Mac X 10.5.5 Update users.

Localized Clients
«Show in world map» has been translated in the German client.
The banned reason displayed when a player tries to log onto the game has been translated in the German Client.
The correct notification message will be displayed when clicking ‘show route’ on a contract in the German client.
Perception has been translated correctly in the German client.
The «Pick New Item» button in the repair shop window on the German client will remain visible at all times when the window is open.
Text clipping has been fixed in various clients and should no longer affect usability.
Portuguese and Italian text has been fixed in the tutorial.
Problems with writing in Korean in chat channels or EVE mail have been fixed.
The Korean tutorial on drones has had its title modified.
Spanish chat channels now display correctly. «Chat» has been replaced with «Charla»
The journal window has been resized in the Russian UI to prevent obscured text.

EVE API and Static Data Dump
An incorrect columns listing in map/Jumps.xml.aspx within the EVE API has been fixed and will now display properly.
Intermittent errors that were generated when accessing container logs in the EVE API have been resolved.
The EVE API will now show Alliance standings in the standings.xml.aspx.
Certain IP addresses will no longer cause general errors on EVE API pages.
Data changes are now displayed correctly after caching time runs out in the EVE API.
Standings are now showing in the correct format in the EVE API for both characters and corporations.
Stacktrace errors caused by NPCs moving around a system have been eliminated.
dgmEffects.falloffAttributeID has been modified and will not return rows with a value of 0 in the Static Data Dump.
Icons have been added for ships that did not have them in the dataexport, previously blurred icons should be clearer.
The «Caldari Starbase Control Tower_LCO» has had its description corrected.
The static data dump now comes with a T-SQL creation script for foreign keys. It is located at the bottom of ebs_DATADUMP.sql .
Celestials in Black Rise have been added to the static data dump and placed in the correct tables.

Several GM Tools have been updated to allow the Game Masters to help players much more efficiently.
Bookmarks will now update properly when edited or deleted.
When a docking attempt is cancelled players will be able to eject or store ships without getting an error message stating «You cannot do that while docking».
The correct notify message will appear for a pilot being unable to offer a clone due to the Clone Vat Bay being offline.
The item «Head in a bottle» has been changed. The item is now known as «Head in a Jar» and will now display the item description. «This is a human head, sealed in a jar of preservative fluid.»
Double clicking on a ship to display their cargo-hold in the assets page no longer causes an error.
Vista SP1 users should no longer have problems logging in. When players patched to Empyrean Age 1.1, the client would throw an exception on 58490 code when the splash screen loaded crashing the client. This will no longer happen.
Proxy logspamming of «Handshake Failed» errors has been stopped; it will only show on the client now.
A typographical error in the description of «Ancestral Armor» has been fixed.
Agent names have now been reserved on Tranquility and players will not be able to make characters with names that are reserved.
Clone jumping is now working properly. Jumping from a clone in one station to a clone in a different station works as intended.
Quitting via the «Quit» button or directly closing the client window will no longer throw exceptions in the log server.
Clone jumping now triggers the correct «Aura : Cloning» tutorial when the “show tutorials” option is checked.
Requesting the corp standings of a character in an NPC corporation has been made quicker and easier.
A grammatical error has been corrected on the Garoun Investment Bank station description.
The patcher will now ensure that all running processes of the EVE exefile are stopped before commencing with a patch. This will prevent the patching process from returning an error and failing to apply properly.
«Cryo Batteries» have now been correctly renamed to «Sleeper Cryo Batteries».

Several exploit issues have been fixed, making EVE a better world to live in for us all.

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